Teat Moulds
Purchasing latex rubber teats for feeding orphaned mammals can be an expensive business. With these inexpensive wooden moulds you can make your own teats for a fraction of the price.
You would be Krazy not to buy your teats from us. The best quality latex teats available on the market.
Joey Bags
Yes there are a lot of joey bags around however these are unique in that they are three dimensional and allow the joeys to move around freely and stretch their legs. The design also allows joeys to get in and out when they feel like it which is excellent for their development. After all stimulation is an important factor in joey development and joeys also like to make their own choices.
Joey Stands
Designed to be used with our joey bags, these stands are light and easy to make or you can order them packed flat, pre-drilled and ready to assemble.
Possum Boxes
We get lots of calls from people with possums living in their roof who want to relocate the possums into trees in the garden. These possum boxes are easy to make yourself and are light and easy to install. Full plans and instructions are available for download. If you dont want to make one yourself you can order a box, packed flat and pre-drilled ready for assembly.


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