Weed Control

1200 acres in south-east queensland presents an enormous challenge in terms of weed control. Ten years ago the property was virtually covered with 6ft high, impenetrable lantana. Our approrach to lantana control has been to slash the mature plants two years running with the tractor or the bulldozer the follow up by spraying the regrowth with Lantana-600 when it first shoots in the spring.
Following the lantana removal a hundred different types of weeds spring up in its place. These are generally annuals that are much easier to control than the lantana itself as a couple of seasons of slashing generally allows the grass to take over and suppress the weed growth.


Spraying the regrowth when it first shoots uses significantly less chemical and is more effective than spraying mature plants.


This image shows a good example of the lantana coverage just behind the site of our house before the house was built.
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