The wildlife rehabilitation and release facilities available at Long Grass Nature Refuge are second to none.
We have 8 acres of macropod pre-release enclosures fenced with 2.4m high chain mesh with a floppy top and 1m chainmesh laid flat and clipped to the bottom of the fence to prevent access by digging.
The enclosures cover a range of habitats ranging from tall trees, open grassland, stoney ground and shrubby understory. This enables the animals to become familiar with their environment well in advance of being released. During this time they learn to deal with snakes and all manner of biting insects, parasites such as ticks, as well as the various "creatures of the night" that share their habitat. Hard ground toughens their feet, large areas allow their muscles to develop and prevent the "run to the garden fence and stop" habit that so many urban raised macropods develop. When dealing with predators in the wild this behaviour is a recipe for a short life.
The pre-release enclosures are divided into two 2 acre enclosures and ane 4 acre enclosure with connecting gates. At release time, the eligible animals are moved into one of the two acre enclosures and the connecting gates closed.
An extra large cockatoo aviary houses a number of unreleasable cockatoos who had previously spent their entire lives in tiny cages. This cage allows them to indulge in their favourite passtimes of digging holes and chewing branches as well as giving them the chance to interact with the wild cockatoos who come in every day. Rehab birds spend their recovery time in with the long term residents to strengthen their wings.
We have several other aviaries that are used to house possums, flying foxes, microbats and any other animals that come into care and need safe recovery time.
Flying Foxes
As well as having a large aviary that is used for flying fox creche we have also built a 10m x 10m aviary on a property adjacent to the Woodford flying fox colony. This is the most fantastic creche and release facility as the evening fly-out from the colony passes directly over the aviary.
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