Rainforest Recovery
In cooperation with SEQ Catchments
Project Objectives
Assist recovery of the rainforest environment along Spinach Creek and provide infrastructure for long term management by:
Map Key
The map above shows the major parts of the project:

Due to the lack of rain during the winter and spring of 2009 we were unable to conduct the planned burning program and splatter gun spraying of lantana and moth vine. Controlled burn needs to be conducted several days after 50mm of rain and glyphosphate spraying requires that the weeds be growing vigorously.

As of mid-december 2009 we have had no substantial rainfall since the start of winter with only one fall of more than 10mm in October.

Because of the lack of rain we concentrated our efforts on constructing an additional firebreak of approximately 900m on the southern side of Spinach Creek Rd and mechanical clearing of  approximately 15h of lantana and mothvine using the dozer and slasher. This was a slow and laborious business due to the interleaved native scrub and rocky terrain.

In addition we spent 3 days filling and contouring an area of deep gully erosion of approximately 0.8h.

During this process we discovered a Mother of Millions infestation at the head of a steep gully that runs down to Ma Ma creek. We sprayed this twice with neat diesel and continue to monitor for regrowth.
We purchased an East Wind bulldozer to assist with this project.
Photopoint monitoring
A number of photopoints were established to monitor the project progress and effectiveness.
Photopoint 1 - After work Photopoint 1 - Before work Photopoint 2 - Before work Photopoint 3 - Before work Photopoint 4 - After work Photopoint 4 - Before work Photopoint 5 - Before work Photopoint 6 - Before work A section of new fire trail The new dozer in action dozer hard at work Find us on facebook