Horses and Horsemanship

Before buying this property, we had done a small amount of recreational riding many years ago but we had never owned a horse. When we purchased the property that is now Long Grass Nature refuge it came with three old untamed horses who we named Wilbur, Red and Madam.

Madam is an old grey mare of indeterminate breeding. She had escaped just before we took over and gotten herself pregnant to a neighbours stallion. Subsequently, on the 18th September 2004, she gave birth to a fine young colt who we named Monty.
Just as an aside, he was named after the famous WWII commander Field Marshal Montgomery, not as many people assume, after Monty Roberts the horse whisperer who at that stage we had never heard of, being newcomers to the horse world.

Over the last few years we have acquired several other horses, mostly retirees, and sadly lost one of the original three, Wilbur after she broke a leg escaping from wild dogs.
We now have eleven horses!
Red Madam Monty Emmy Jack Willow Beebles Belle Micky Wilbur Rocky

Australian Natural Horsemanship

Since 2007 we have been training our horses under the guidance of Ken Faulkner at the Australian Natural Horsemanship Study Centre near Esk in south-east Queensland.

Peter has attended a number of Kens 4 day clinics as well as two of his 11 day "Supercamps". The most recent of these was the 2009 Supercamp that finished on 25th April.
Peter and Monty had a fantastic time at the camp.
At the start of the camp Peter had never ridden Monty, who had just been started by Ken at the end of february 2009. By the end of the camp they were very comfortable together and had formed a very close bond.
I can thoroughly recommend these supercamps to anyone who wants to improve their horsemanship. The photos from Supercamp 2009 are available

Monty and mum long_grass_nature_refuge001002.jpg Gypsy

Parelli Natural Horsemanship

In 2011 Peter joined the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program and has taken Emmy to two 4 day clinics with 4 star instructor David Grace.

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